Sensor and Actuator_12026118

12026118 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS                                               3(3-0-6)

Required Textbook :

Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication 2nd (Richard C. Jaeger),

Introduction to Sensors. Boca Raton: CRC Press

Course Description

Sensors and Transducers- Definitions, terminology, classification, characteristics of parameters

Thermal sensors, Mechanical sensors, Pressure sensors, Sensors and transducers for liquid environment measurements, Optical sensors and transducers, Chemical and physical sensors for gas and liquid media

Gas sensors, Piezoelectric actuators, MEMS microtransducers

Lithography, Thermal oxidation, Diffusion, Ion implantation, Chemical vapor deposition, Evaporation and metallization, Annealing, Future trends

Topics Reading
1. Sensor and Actuator 1 Lecture1
2. Sensor and Actuator 2 Lecture2
3. Electrostatic Transducers Lecture3
4. Overview of Microelectronic Fabrication Lecture4
5. Photolithography Lecture5
6. Thermal Oxidation of Silicon Lecture6
7. Diffusion Lecture7
8. Ion Implantation Lecture8
9. Film Deposition Lecture9
10. Interconnections and Contacts Lecture10