Asst. Prof. Dr. Santhad Chuwongin’s profile

Office Location: The 55-Year Chalermprakiat Building, room 405

Phone: 02-329-8264 ext. 2183



B.Eng., King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Thailand

M.Sc.(Electrical Engineering),The University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering), The University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

Research Interests

Industrial Robot & AI , Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Optoelectronic devices, and  Nanophotonics.


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Doing research with our CiRA team, you can:

  • Work on important problems in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare and education, using deep learning.
  • Learn, develop, and deploy machine learning / deep learning algorithms and applications including ROS.
  • Have an opportunity to know fancy topics in Nanophotonics.

Joining CiRA research group.

  • If you are interested in getting involved in AI or Deep learning research, please feel free to get in touch. So that I can get to know you better, please sending a copy of your resume to
  • Looking for a scholarship. If you are planning to be a Master or PhD KMITL student and interested in a scholarship, please email your resume to I would encourage you to get involved in Robotic and AI research at CiRA lab.