Research groups

Computer Simulation in Engineering, CSE

CSE: Manufacturing System Engineering

Finite element method (FEM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applied for aided manufacturing process

CSE: Applied electromagnetics/ Eletronics Design

Electronic design automation (EDA), applied electromagnetics, RF and microwave sensor design.

Advanced Engineering Materials, AEM

AEM: Conformal Coating and Corrosion Laboratory (CCC Lab)

Conformal coating of metal oxides for various applications, corrosion measurement and control

AEM: Thin film laboratory

Thin film semiconductor devices such as solar cells and thermoelectric module

AEM: Materials Research and Energy Harvesting Laboratory (MR&EH Lab)

Design or applied materials for manufacturing process and research on energy harvesting from environment.

Advanced Signal Processing for Data Storage Research Group, ASP DS

Magnetic recording technology, realistic writing/reading channel model, micromagnetic modeling, coding and signal processing

Statistical Productivity Improvement, SPI

Management by fact and systematic thinking using Six-Sigma DMAIC approach, computer software such as MINITAB is required for statistical data analysis


Vision System and Automation, VSA

Develop the algorithms or optimization functions of the vision system for applying with automatic process in the industry


Optics and Laser Engineering, OLE

Advanced flexible organic display,

Laser engineering

Design, simulation, fabrication, and characterization of nanoscale antireflection on innovative coating

Optical design, and light trapping for cost effective large area crystalline thin-film photovoltaics

Silicon-based membrane reflectors and filters, membrane reflectors.