Asst. Prof. Dr. Jatuporn Thongsri’s profile


Office Location: The 55-Year Chalermprakiat Building, Room 406
Phone: 02-329-8264 Ext. 2183
Education: B.Sc. (Physics) Khonkaen University, M.Sc. (Physics) Chulalongkorn University, D.Sc. (Physics) Chulalongkorn University
Professional Experience:
Awards and honors:

Research Interest:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computer Simulation
  • Numerical Method for Applied Mechanics


  1. Humidity and temperature behavior in VENA chamber using FEM, Funded by Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2013.
  2. Parametric study of head stack assembly (HSA) vibration characteristics, Funded by KMITL, NSTDA and Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2013.
  3. Numerical simulation of particle trajectory inside automation, Funded by AMI, 2013.
  4. Effect of environment on airflow simulation in hard disk drive, Funded by KMITL, 2013.
  5. Airflow simulation for Reflow, ULRT and ATAAP machines using FEM, Funded by Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2014.
  6. VENA behavior study based on hard disk drive environment test using FEM, Funded by Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2014.
  7. Study of vibration characteristics of a Thai traditional brass gong, Funded by AMI, 2014.
  8. Numerical investigation of airflow behavior inside a DSTAR clean room, Funded by DPST, 2014.
  9. Study of airflow characteristics inside a computer case and its application for reducing particle contamination using CFD, Funded by Cal-Comp Electro (Thai) Pub. Co. Ltd., 2014.
  10. Thermal study on a printed circuit board (PCB) applicable to hard disk drive, Cal-Comp Electro (Thai) Pub. Co. Ltd., 2014.
  11. An experiment and simulation study of airflow and temperature distribution in Seagate Teparuk’s Cleanroom, Funded by Research and Researcher for Industry (RRI), 2015.
  12. Finite element analysis of micro-gripper for handing slider of hard disk drive, Funded by Research and Researcher for Industry (RRI), 2015.
  13. Simulation, validation and evaluation of cleaning process in ultrasonic cleaning tank, Funded by Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2016.
  14. Investigation of heat transfer in reflow tip using finite element method, Funded by Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2017.
  15. Simulation of ultrasonic cleaning for head gimbal assembly cleaning process, Funded by AMI, 2017.
    siung the CFD and simple experiment to find a solution of particle contamination in an HDD production line, Funded by AMI, 2017.
  16. CFD analysis of airflow through aircraft antennas, Funded by AVIA Satcom Co. Ltd., 2017.
  17. Training of computer simulation and technology transfer of computer aided engineering, Funded by Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd, 2017.
  18. Design and development of particle suction tool for cleaning HDD components, Funded by Research and Researcher for Industry (RRI), 2017.
  19. Evaluation and improvement of air ventilation system inside low cost automation (LCA) line to Reduce Particle Contamination, Funded by Research and Researcher for Industry (RRI), 2017.
  20. Aerodynamic simulation of compressor blade to determine the optimum design for solving a fracture problem, Funded by EGAT, 2018.
  21. 3D simulation of aerodynamics of light aircraft SAAB 340B, Funded by AVIA Satcom Co. Ltd., 2017.

International Publications

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National Publications

  1. J. Thongsri, Airflow simulation inside automation machine using computational fluid dynamics and its application for reducing particle contamination, Ladkrabang Engineering Journal, vol.31 no. 1, pp. 1-6, 2014.
  2. J. Thongsri, A. Khaokhom, W. Susuganjana, Numerical investigation of using airflow inside automation machine to reduce particle contamination for HDD manufacturing process, Ladkrabang Engineering Journal, vol.3, no.3, pp. 13-18, 2014.